Helping Your Business Recover The Debts You Are Owed

It is difficult running a business when the customers don't pay what they owe. Collecting that money can also prove to cost you tremendous time and expense. For that reason, it is often a good idea to have debt collection attorneys on your side who will look out for your financial interests.

At Grannis & Hauge, P.A., we provide businesses throughout Dakota County and other central Minnesota regions comprehensive debt collection legal representation. This includes utilizing our knowledge and resources on your behalf. Our lawyers and staff will pursue those owing you debt in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Providing Everyone We Represent Comprehensive Debt Collection Services

Attorney Jeremy Knutson has extensive experience helping businesses collect their debts. He will work closely with your company to analyze how the debt first originated. When working with you, he will explore all of your possible options in resolving debt collection matters.

Our focus is to provide a client-centered approach in resolving your legal matter. Whatever the circumstances, we will aggressively persist in collecting the money owed to you.

We will provide the following services regarding the debt collection process:

  • Prepare collection letters
  • Arrange for levies and garnishments for those owing you money
  • Work toward enforcing mechanic's liens
  • Provide representation in court and litigate all disputes

Contact Our Experienced Debt Collection Lawyers

Please do not hesitate to speak with us concerning your concerns. You can contact our office to speak with one of our Eagan business debt collection attorneys by calling 651-456-9000 .