Skilled Legal Services For Setting Up A Guardianship

A guardian is an individual who is appointed by the state to manage the care of an incapacitated person. This can include but is not necessarily limited to, determining the best place for the incapacitated person to live, taking reasonable care of personal property, making appropriate health care decisions and other matters. Guardians are required to report on the incapacitated person's well-being on an annual basis or whenever ordered to do so by the state.

What Is A Conservator?

While a guardian attends to the care of an incapacitated person, a conservator attends to the incapacitated person's estate. In most cases, a person chooses his or her conservator before the conservatorship actually goes into effect. The conservator is responsible for handling the incapacitated person's financial affairs when he or she becomes unable to do so. Conservators are also required to provide annual reports detailing the incapacitated person's assets.

Representing Clients On All Sides Of Guardianship And Conservatorship Cases

At the law firm of Grannis & Hauge, P.A., we provide complete legal services for people who need assistance establishing a guardianship or conservatorship. We can help you with the required reporting or requests for information from the state, and address any other legal issues that may arise.

We also represent family members and other concerned parties needing help when there are issues with how the guardian or conservator is fulfilling his or her responsibilities. We are prepared to provide representation in any guardianship or conservatorship dispute and any other issues that may arise.

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